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Our Diverse and Inclusive Culture


At Aldar, fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity is a priority. We embrace our differences and celebrate our uniqueness to unleash the potential of our diverse workforce.

Embracing diversity and inclusion means bringing together and harnessing a range of talents - all perspectives are valued and encouraged. It’s also about empowering all members of the community to help drive our business forward.

Our inclusive culture and passion for innovation helps us maximise value for our stakeholders and create vibrant, inclusive communities where diversity can thrive.


Who We Are

We value diversity and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Our differences make us a stronger team, working together across boundaries, to achieve our mutual objectives.


Harnessing the Potential of Diversity

We foster an inclusive culture that welcomes all perspectives, harnessing diversity to engage and encourage our employees. Valuing inclusivity supports our growth as a business and helps our workforce thrive.

Our Approach to
Diversity and Inclusion


Our goal is to become an employer of choice for the best international, local and internal talent, creating opportunities for everyone to progress.

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Our inclusive climate is one in which everyone feels safe to speak up and take risks; where different perspectives are actively encouraged and valued.

Al Dar Diverse and Inclusive Culture


We challenge convention, driving growth and innovation by leveraging the best ideas and collective intelligence of our diverse teams, customers and communities.

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Team Spirit

We trust each other and work together to deliver great results.

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We are always striving to better serve our people, our customers, our stakeholders and ourselves.

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We are accountable. We take responsibility for our actions and see the job through.

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We respect different opinions, people and cultures.

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