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Aldar's Sustainability Commitment

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Our Commitment


Aldar is committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do. Our sustainable procurement strategy encourages suppliers to adopt responsible practices with the aim of reducing our collective environmental impact.

We screen suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility performance and work collaboratively to upskill the supply chain, implement feedback and deliver better projects.

Our Sustainable Procurement Principles

Our five sustainable procurement principles include environmental product criteria, social performance criteria and economic goals.

We assess and measure our product and company environmental performance against targets, incorporating the social aspects of sustainability into programmes like workers’ welfare and in-country value.

Transparency Icon Clear Evaluation Criteria


Fairness, integrity and transparency in our practices ensure equal treatment of our suppliers and clear evaluation criteria in our processes. We have implemented a number of programmes across our developments to ensure greater transparency in our procurement process.


Monitoring and Reporting


Supplier Assessment


Supplier Benchmarking

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Supplier Engagement icon Upskill the supply chain

Supplier Engagement

We engage with our suppliers to upskill the supply chain and create new opportunities to meet sustainability objectives.


Training Sessions


Enhanced PQ Criteria


Performance-based Contracts

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Sustainable Sourcing Sustainable Development Principles

Sustainable Sourcing

We integrate social, environmental and ethical performance factors into the development process.


Early Engagement


Life-cycle Costing (LCC)


Sustainable Materials Management


Planning for End of Life




Value Engineering (VE)

Procurement Sustainability: Demand Management Process Operation Efficiency

Demand Management

We identify resource management targets and performance indicators that will make our procurement operations more efficient.


Use of existing stock


Need for Purchase

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Balance Icon Equal Opportunities for all

Fair and Equal Opportunities

Fairness and equal opportunities are a priority when procuring goods, works or services.


Local Procurement


SME Participation


PQ and Proposal Review Process

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Procurement Sustainability Policy

We apply the same rigorous sustainability standards to our suppliers as we do across our own business. As a minimum, suppliers must be able to show a sustainability policy, report and ICV certification.Our development contractors are also expected to adhere to ten worker welfare principles and be able to provide a list of sustainable materials and data on waste, water and energy, following project approval.

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