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Aldar's Worker Welfare Commitment


Our Commitment

At Aldar we are committed to the welfare of all workers involved in the construction, operation and maintenance of our projects and assets. Our worker welfare policy outlines our commitment to the health, safety and dignity of our directly employed workers as well as those employed by our contractual partners. 

Our policy and principles are founded on UAE laws and incorporate international best practice.

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Our Policy & Principles

Our people are our foundation. We embed the workers’ welfare policy and principles into every aspect of our culture. We require that the partners we work with agree to apply the same set of principles in their own supply chains. We monitor both our own compliance and that of our partners and take prompt remedial action.

For further information about our monitoring criteria please consult the workers welfare principles below or contact us on our dedicated email Workers Welfare_Our Policy 

Our Principles

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Fair & Equal Treatment

Workers receive fair and equal treatment and opportunities, and are free from all forms of discrimination or harassment.

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No forced or child labour

All work is voluntary. No one is forced to work on our projects and no one is employed under the age of 18.

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Employer pays for recruitment

Employers follow the ‘employer-pays’ principle; no worker pays for their employment. Contracts are transparent and clearly communicated.

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No withholding personal documents

Workers’ identity documents or other valuable items, including passports, are not confiscated by employers.

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Wages paid directly and on time

Workers receive their full monthly wages and benefits electronically, accurately, on time and in line with their contract.

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Safe and decent working conditions

Work environments are safe, secure and healthy. Working hours do not exceed those permitted by law.

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Safe and healthy living conditions

Employer-provided food and accommodation is hygienic, secure, safe and healthy, and transport is air-conditioned and safe.

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Right to speak up

Workers have access to multiple grievance reporting options and may report issues anonymously without prejudice.  Aldar has established "Speak Up" - a free, multilingual hotline for workers to report any issues of concern relating to their welfare. The line is available 24/7 and can be contacted on 800 0320935.

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Guarantee of legal rights

Workers are entitled to education about their legal rights and free to exercise them without fear of retribution.

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Freedom of movement and work

Workers have unrestricted movement, are free to change employers and are not subject to employment bans.

Contact Us

For any enquiries related to workers’ welfare please contact us on the email or phone number provided.

Email address for workers welfare at Aldar