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Aldar's eProcurement Portal: Streamlined Supplier Engagement

Aldar’s New eProcurement Portal

Our new online eProcurement portal enables us to automate routine procurement tasks and bring on board new suppliers swiftly and more efficiently.

The portal supports our commitment to maintaining consistent, strategic engagement with our supplier community, and enhances the transparency of the registration process.


Suppliers' Pre-qualification

After successful registration, our supplier pre-qualification process assesses your capabilities in supplying goods, services or works against pre-defined criteria. Pre-qualification covers five key areas: financial, legal, sustainability, QHSE and technical experience. Download our procurement guide to learn more about our suppliers’ pre-qualification requirements.

File Size 0MB Suppliers’ pre-qualification requirements

Supplier Performance Management

Our supplier performance management principles help us to monitor and update supplier performance and provide feedback.

File Size 0MB Download the Principles

Download Procurement

Supplier Code of Business Conduct

All our suppliers must agree to Aldar’s Supplier Code of Business Conduct. This outlines a shared commitment to conducting business with integrity and to the highest ethical standards.

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Download Supplier Code of Business Conduct


  • Are there any minimum system requirements for accessing the Aldar e-Sourcing Portal?

    If you experience any technical difficulties while accessing the system or using its functions, please send a screenshot of the error to E-Sourcing Portal_Contact Us.

    Supported Browsers

    ·       Microsoft Edge 32-bit

    ·       Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 32-bit

    ·       Chrome 53+ 64-bit

    ·       Firefox 48+ 64-bit

    ·       Safari 9+ 64-bit Depreciation schedule

    ·       Safari 4 through 8 (effective January 12, 2017)

    ·       Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 (effective January 12, 2017)

    For more information, go to

  • What additional support materials are available for suppliers?

    Please refer to the Aldar e-sourcing  Portal homepage for links to various step-by-step user guides to help you get more from the portal’s features.

  • What technical support is available when using the Aldar e-Sourcing Portal? 

    For any technical support, please contact 80004441043. For business inquiries, please send us an email at E-Sourcing Portal_Contact Us.

  • I have forgotten my password or username, what should I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, please visit Click forgot your username or password?

  • Are there any costs involved in using the Aldar e-Sourcing Portal?

    No, it is free of charge.

  • Is my company information stored securely on the Aldar eProcurement Portal? 

    Yes, the Aldar eProcurement Portal is fully secure and accredited.

Contact Us

For any other enquiries related to supplier registration, please contact us