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July 12, 2022

Renting an Apartment in Abu Dhabi: For The Different Stages

Abu Dhabi has amazing properties, and it's a calmer city with a rich history, beautiful architecture, and enriching museums to visit, among other things. But like in any big city, looking for an apartment can be a struggle. Abu Dhabi has lots of wonderful properties to offer, which is a great thing, but it can make the search for the perfect apartment an overwhelming process.

When looking to 1 bedroom apartment, look no further than The Bridges on Reem Island. This island right off the mainland is well connected, so you won't need to worry about getting to a supermarket, mall or otherwise since there's plenty to do on the island alone. The Bridges also has a gym, pool, and a gorgeous canal promenade (for the most ideal romantic dates), among other things.

On top of that, The Bridges is a 6-building complex at the heart of a cosmopolitan community. You're sure to meet someone from work or build your group here. Think of building a home, not a place to stay, so you're well prepared for the next life stage.

The Newly Married

Love is in the air! Whether you were already living together or you just got married and this is your first apartment as a couple - renting out a beautiful apartment emphasises this landmark. Stay on the lookout for a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment to rent in Abu Dhabi. Besides needing a place to sleep, a 2-bedroom can work in case you have guests or need extra space to work in (for those who work from home).

Whether or not you need a home office, it's important to make your home a comfortable place where you can begin building your life together. Speaking of space, it's important to have enough of it for each person to discover your interior design tastes in peace. Not only that, but for the little ball of fur (your beloved cat, dog, or any other pet) to comfortably roam around in.

Make sure to find an apartment in the city's centre, so you can access work, shops, and restaurants seamlessly. What is renting an apartment in Abu Dhabi if you can't be a skip and a hop away from incredible landmarks?

This 2-bedroom apartment at Eastern Mangroves is a comfortable spot with a beautiful view. You can find plenty of spacious and bright apartments that overlook the Marina. The design and colours also take inspiration from the desert and sea, resulting in a darling interior that works with all sorts of interior design visions. You'll also be a stone's throw away from a retail centre and the popular Eastern Mangroves national park - a beautiful destination for any couple.

Being newly married comes with its stresses and pressures. With a well-run, beautifully decorated, and spacious home, many of your problems will float away.

The Growing Family

Your family is growing - now your space needs to as well. Whether you plan on stopping after your first child or continuing, looking into a bigger apartment is a forward-thinking act that reaps many benefits. 

Explore a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment; you and your partner will still have space to thrive, and so will your child(ren). All family members must decompress from a long day of parenting, work, school, and other activities. After taking a breath and resting, you can gather in the living room or kitchen for much-needed quality time - like a movie or game night.

As your child grows, it's important to consider how the home will need to adapt to their needs. You can convert the 2nd or 3rd bedroom from a nursery into a kid's bedroom, a teenager's bedroom, and onwards for their future. If you only plan on having one child and a 3-bedroom apartment, the extra bedroom can be reserved for guests, an office, a playroom, and more.

Find an apartment that's either close to or reduces the commute to your kid's schools, afterschool activities, and more. Abu Dhabi is easy to navigate, and you'll be close to numerous malls, parks, and fun spots alongside your kid's school. Make sure to find an apartment building with a playground, pool, and more. You can arrange a playdate in a safe and comfortable environment for the younger ones and their friends.

This 3 bedroom apartment at The Gate Towers at Al Reem Island is a fantastic place for your kids to run around and is also especially safe. You and your family are guaranteed high-quality living in a beautiful property with great features and a budding community close to Carrefour, Al Fay Park, and more.

When looking to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi with your family, it's a short and long-term plan to grow and build wonderful memories together.

To Conclude

When looking for an apartment, there's so much to consider. With each Aldar property, we provide comfort, luxury, and a community. Life in Abu Dhabi is interesting and is an incredible place because of its people. After all, a community isn't a community without its great people.

A single professional, a newly married couple and a growing family each have different needs. No matter where you are, Aldar has numerous properties that work for your needs and have a wonderful community to tote. 

Check our website for daily listings and get closer to finding the apartment of your dreams.