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January 10, 2023

Best Schools in Abu Dhabi

Providing your children with an excellent education is a priority for all parents. Let’s think of it this way: the right school will help develop your child’s social and learning skills, build their confidence, and teach them efficiently using a range of credible strategies, all thanks to the best teachers. Receiving the best education sets up your children for success, offering them endless opportunities for higher education and career paths.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are looking for the best schools in Abu Dhabi. Continue reading to discover these schools in detail so you pick the one most suitable for your children. But first, let us examine the elements that make a school one of the best!

What Makes a School One of the Best?

It is easy to jump to lists online of one school after the other, reading about their curriculum, discovering their location, and all things in between. But really, what makes a school excellent? The following points will help you pick the best school in Abu Dhabi for your children!

A Welcoming School Environment

Children spend long hours at school each day, so it is essential that they spend them in welcoming and safe spaces, especially if your children are younger students. The overall feeling of the space counts, the way staff welcomes you to the school and treats you counts, and you won't help but give artwork on the walls some extra points.

After all, your children need to study in a space where they can focus on learning (and playing if they’re young). So, pick a school your child would actually like to attend! Hack: Tour the classrooms if possible; this will give you a solid idea of the environment that will be your child’s second home.

Friendly and Experienced Teachers

Teachers are the core of excellent education and a great school. Based on that, ensure you check the school's website to see if they have pages dedicated to teachers of each level and a brief description of each one.

If such pages are unavailable, try asking the school’s management to meet some teachers to chat briefly with them and get to know them. Finally, you can ask other parents whose children study at the same school to discover their learning experience.

The Right Curriculum

You must be mindful of the type of curriculum your child is studying for various reasons. So, decide on what curriculum you want your child to learn, do your research, and weigh the options. So for example, if you prioritise creativity and active learning, you may want to go with the American curriculum. In Abu Dhabi, the national, British, and American curricula are all available in various top schools in the Emirate.

Convenient Location

Having a school near your home doesn't necessarily make it the best, but why not check the schools in your area? If you find a nearby school that works perfectly for your kids’ educational needs, you’d be glad to skip long commute times!

And now, let’s get to the real deal - the best schools in Abu Dhabi!

The Best Schools in Abu Dhabi With Aldar

Aldar has an impressive portfolio of schools in various locations in Abu Dhabi, including the following:

ADNOC School, Ghayathi

Location: Ghayathi, Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi.

Curriculum: American Common Core Curriculum.

ADNOC School Ghayathi gives you the best of both worlds; a school environment and curriculum that nurture UAE’s culture within students while also exploring and valuing international cultures. This school focuses on providing children with a positive learning experience and developing their creative skills, intellectual curiosity, and physical health.

ADNOC Ghayathi School is dedicated to students from grades 1 - 5, and it includes a nursery. So, if you have young children close in age, this might be just the school to kick off their education. ADNOC Ghayathi is the place where your children become future leaders and long-life learners!

ADNOC School, Ruwais

Location: Ruwais, Abu Dhabi.

Curriculum:  American Common Core Curriculum.

Do you have younger children and teenagers in the family? If they don't attend the same school, it can be a hectic daily commute. So, to avoid this struggle, discover ADNOC School Ruwais, one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, which is dedicated to grades 1 - 12, and yes, it includes a nursery! Say goodbye to long commute times.

With the ADNOC School Ruwais, your children will not only learn their subjects in a dynamic environment, but they will also develop many lifelong skills and their creative thinking, which they will utilise academically and professionally!

This school is home to 37 different nationalities, making it an ideal place for your kids if you want them to be exposed to and learn about different ways of life.

ADNOC School, Madinat Zayed

Location: Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi.

Curriculum: American Common Core Curriculum.

With 89.75% Emirati students in this school, it offers a great environment to keep the Arab, Emirati, and Islamic cultures present in your children's minds and hearts. On the other hand, being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, ADNOC School Madinat Zayed, provides your children with interactive and dynamic learning experiences and exposure to foreign cultures.

With this school’s curriculum, it is safe to say that your children will develop their intellectual abilities and technical skills, as it gives special attention to the demands of the current technologically advanced society. Dedicated to all grades and offering a nursery, it is one of the top options for parents looking for a school with friendly staff, top teachers, and the best amenities.

ADNOC School, Sas Al Nakhl

Location: Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi.

Curriculum: American Common Core Curriculum.

Do you want your children to grow more creative and confident with age? Are you looking for the right school to nurture their creativity and life skills? Look no further, as the ADNOC School in Sas Al Nakhl is just the one for you! With this school, your children will receive exceptional learning experiences focused on building their competence as life-long learners, leaders, citizens, and creative thinkers. With the curriculum taught in ADNOC school, your children will learn all about the UAE heritage and culture and other international cultures, enhancing their openness to new ideas, critical thinking skills, and more!

The ADNOC School in Sas Al Nakhl is an excellent choice for all parents looking for a nursery and an educational institution that teaches grades 1 - 12.

Check Aldar’s schools and academies for more information about registration, fees, curriculum, and core values!