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Best Abu Dhabi Beach: Saadiyat Beach


May 30, 2022

Best Abu Dhabi Beach: Saadiyat Beach

The best Abu Dhabi beach is none other than Saadiyat beach. Do you want to experience the most exotic beach in Abu Dhabi? Are you eager to have a once-in-a-lifetime beach experience that is absolutely unforgettable? If so, Saadiyat beach is the place for you. 

Continue reading to discover what makes Saadiyat beach the best Abu Dhabi beach and unfold the experience awaiting you there. Let the adventure begin even before you step a foot on its shoreline!  

Saadiyat Beach: Where Is It Located?

Saadiyat beach spans over 39,500 sqm along the Saadiyat Island. It is unique for its sandy Arabian Gulf shoreline that offers you the exotic beach experience you have always dreamed of. 

Wondering how to get to Saadiyat beach? Follow the map

Saadiyat Island is home to Saadiyat beach, which is ideal for your vacation, but Saadiyat Island can also be your future home! Check the residential properties provided by Al Dar on Saadiyat Island just for you to expand your idea of what needs, wants, moods and lifestyles your future home can fulfil if you choose one of Al Dar's residential properties. 

Saadiyat Beach Club: What to Expect

Read below to discover the type of heavenly blessings that Saadiyat beach club offers you:

1. The Beach

This natural beach will take your breath away with white sand and clear turquoise water. It will bring you peace and tranquillity; just what you need to fully escape your buzzing working days and the crowded city. 

Saadiyat beach puts you in a clear, tranquil and calm headspace that allows you to relax, be present and enjoy the moment. 

2. Beach Surprises 

Saadiyat beach also brings you joyful surprises! If you are lucky, you might be greeted by the sight of playful dolphins swimming around as well as Hawksbill turtles nesting at the beach between late March and late September. 

Pedestrian access to the beach is provided via elevated boardwalks, so visitors do not walk through the delicate dune system, so turtle nests remain undisturbed. 

Saadiyat beach is a part of a protected habitat that sea life enjoys! It preserves the natural environment and makes it possible for you to connect with it. 

3. The Pool 

The Saadiyat beach club offers an infinity pool that overlooks the beach. The pool will give you the peace of mind you need and allow you to indulge in its infinite horizon, think of nothing, and truly disconnect. 

And if you do want to connect with your world beyond Saadiyat beach club, you might want to take a quick Instagram picture with the pool's beautiful views as your backdrop. 

The stylish and comfortable daybeds and private cabanas ensure you have the most relaxed and comfortable stay at the pool. 

4. The Kids Club

Enjoy maximum peace and quiet as your kids enjoy fun times at the Kids Club, which is open every day of the week between 9 am and 6 pm, welcoming kids ages 4 and 12. 

All kids under the age of 3 are welcome to join this joyous club, but they have to be accompanied. 

Restaurants and Lounges

No vacation is ever complete without delicious food, fine restaurants and fun lounges. The following are some of the restaurants and lounges you will enjoy at the best Abu Dhabi beach, Saadiyat beach: 

1. Cabana 9 (Shisha Lounge)

Your Saadiyat beach experience cannot be perfected without having shisha with an exotic and unforgettable flavour at the Shisha lounge. The Shisha lounge offers you a laid-back atmosphere, many Arabic dishes, and fresh cocktails to help you beat the heat and enjoy your time to the max.

The Shisha lounge is an indoor lounge, but it has a whole world of perfect stylish details, chilled ambiance and Arab vibes waiting for you! 

2. Safina 

Safina is a luxurious restaurant that welcomes couples, families and even corporate groups with its luxurious dark wooden and comfortable seating and soothing setting. Safina allows you to peek into its kitchen to have a glimpse of the culinary team as it cooks its signature dishes inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras and the Levant.

If you love the traditional Arabic taste, or if you want to try it for the first time, Safina offers you Mediterranean cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients. Craving the authentic Arabic taste? Safina serves it for you. 

3. La Salle

Meaning "Room" in French, La Salle is an intimate 42-seat restaurant located by the shores of Saadiyat Island. It offers you the Provençal cuisine that is rich in texture, vibrant in colours, delicious and unforgettable in taste! 

La Salle's dishes are a voyage through Provençe and its coastal cities, they are a true adventure, especially when combined with its premium drinks that mix the old and new world. 

To Conclude

All of the above is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fancy, elegant and tranquil experience that you will get at the best Abu Dhabi beach - Saadiyat beach. Saadiyat beach club has all it takes for you to have the best beach experience and the most unforgettable memories: a tranquil beach with white sand and crystal-clear waters, dolphins and turtles roaming around, an infinity pool with an infinite peace of mind, gorgeous views, exotic tastes and elegant restaurants and lounges. And let's not forget the joyous kids club!