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January 20, 2022

Aldar Schools in Abu Dhabi: ADNOC Schools

As a leading property developer, Aldar constantly works towards transforming the UAE’s capital by creating sustainable communities that contribute to the shaping of Abu Dhabi’s urban scene, turning it into the ideal destination for home seekers around the world. 

But creating thriving communities is a multidimensional process. A group of properties doesn’t indicate the presence of a community. To achieve the goal of empowering communities in Abu Dhabi, Al Dar aimed at becoming a prominent educational group. 

Today, Al Dar Schools in Abu Dhabi provide more than 24,000 students with high-quality education and offer a range of curricula. 

Al Dar schools in Abu Dhabi are not the only defining element of our education group. We have nurseries and a training academy that targets and inspires professionals.

In this blog, we will mainly focus on ADNOC Schools in Abu Dhabi, discussing the curricula and explaining the admissions process.

The Establishment of ADNOC Schools in Abu Dhabi

ADNOC schools were founded in 2008 by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The foundation of ADNOC schools in Abu Dhabi came with a mission to transform the educational scene in Abu Dhabi.

Their mission statement goes as follows: “The mission of ADNOC Schools is to prepare Emirati and other students, through an academically rigorous curriculum, to achieve their highest potential in a global, technologically advanced society, where Arabic and Islamic values are honored and cultural differences are respected.”

In 2017, a collaboration between Al Dar and ADNOC took place. With this agreement, ADNOC schools became a part of Al Dar Schools in Abu Dhabi, where our education unit manages ADNOC schools in Ruwais, Sas Al Nakhl, Madinat Zayed, and Ghayathi. 

What Curriculum Do ADNOC Schools Use? 

ADNOC schools rely on the American curriculum, mainly The US Massachusetts State Curriculum, one of the United States’ most praiseworthy study programs. 

ADNOC Schools adopt the national Common Core standards for math and English, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and the national SHAPE standards for PE.

The program is characterized by being:

  • A well-organized curriculum, providing teachers and parents with clear insights into the progress students are making in each subject, using effective assessment approaches.
  • A student-centered curriculum that focuses on different educational aspects from interactive learning to extra-curricular activities to help students develop on many levels.
  • The students' way to work towards the American High School Diploma, enabling them to be admitted to prestigious universities in the United States.

ADNOC schools also rely on the Ministry of Education’s Arabic curriculum for Islamic and social studies to keep native Arabs and Muslims connected with their identity, heritage, and religion. 

Students are offered course alternatives and electives to enable them to build their school schedules in a way that relates to their individual identities. 

As a preparatory step for college, senior students are given the chance to enroll in many AP-level courses. 

ADNOC Campuses

ADNOC Schools have campuses in: 

Sas Al Nakhl

The ADNOC School in Sas Al Nakhl has about 3690 students; 95.31% are Emirati students. The school tends for students from nursery age to grade 12, and there are two separate campuses for boys and girls. Each campus hosts a number of facilities including a music room, school gymnasium, and a swimming pool.

Madinat Zayed

The ADNOC School in Madinat Zayed is one of the private schools in Al Dhafra region, serving about 1531 students, 89.75% of them are Emirati students. The school welcomes students from nursery age to grade 12. The Madinat Zayed school features 2 separate campuses for boys and girls and several facilities, including a science laboratory, library, art room, and swimming pool.


With the goal of becoming a STEAM pioneer in the region, the ADNOC School in Ruwais provides high-quality education to about 1218 students, 59.52% of the students are Emirati. The school has 2 separate campuses for boys and girls. Each campus is equipped with a number of facilities, including a science laboratory, library, art room, and others.


The ADNOC School in Ghayathi serves students from nursery age to grade 5. It has about 298 students, 99.33% of them are Emirati students. The school features a number of facilities, including a clinic and a science lab. 

The Admission Process

If you are considering enrolling your kids in one of the ADNOC schools in Abu Dhabi, you are welcome to pay a visit to the campus you are interested in. You can book a tour for you and your kid to explore the school via the contact the admission form available on the ADNOC Schools’ website. 

To apply, you’ll find an online admission form. Make sure you read the admission form guidelines to learn more about filling it properly.  

Fill in the form and upload a copy of your child’s passport. You will receive a confirmation email upon the completion and submission of the form. 

Students are admitted to the school based on their academic performance and a good behavioral record.

Each student will be invited to do an assessment to evaluate their skills and capabilities. The assessment approach differs based on the grade. You can find detailed information about the assessment and the admission priority under the admission overview tab on the ADNOC Schools’ website.