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November 01, 2021

Aldar’s Guide to Land on the Best Retail Shops for Rent 

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 30 November 2021:

Finding the best retail shops for rent isn’t easy, especially if you’re kicking off your business. The retail space you’ll choose plays a crucial part in your success. As a leading property developer in Abu Dhabi, Al Dar got some tips and strategies to help you nail that retail shop hunt and find the space that will elevate your business and put it on the road to success.

So, trust the industry professional and navigate our simple but effective guide to find the ideal retail space for rent.


Set Criteria

When looking for a commercial shop for rent, whether in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else, there are some significant points to consider. Study your business needs and determine:


The Cost of the Property You Can Afford to Rent

The price of the property is one of the first things you must have in mind. See what price your budget can take and if you already have a retail shop in mind, ask the owner about the deposit amount. Some may ask you to pay three months in advance; check if you can afford that deposit. Compare the price you got to the prices of other similar premises in the same area. Ask about any potential increases in the rent in the future. If there is an increase, how is it calculated? What additional fees and costs will you be covering? For instance, will you be paying for maintenance? Be very specific regarding the fees and the terms of the rent in the contract.



The location has a significant effect on your success. Consider the type of your business and the type of people it caters to. Look into whether the retail shop you’re planning to rent is located in a vibrant area, and if it has busy hours during the day, will they co-occur with your opening hours and increase your chances of making a profit. Check the demographic of the neighborhood, are the people living there are the ones your business target? How easy it is to access the location if someone doesn’t own a car and so on.

Something else to inquire about is what additional features the property must include, e.g., parking, special needs facilities, or anything else you think your customers and employees need.

After making a list of the retail shop criteria, you can seek the help of a real estate broker to help find options that will meet this criterion. Of course, you can do the job yourself and start browsing properties that you think are suitable but hiring a broker will make things easier since they are real estate market experts.

Whether you hire a broker or look by yourself, the thing is, you must know what to look for in the retail shop you want to rent. Don’t do a random search; it will only waste your time and confuse you.


Is There Any Competition Around?

Are there any businesses around that provide the same services and products as you? That can have a huge effect on your shop, especially if you are new to the market and haven’t established your reputation yet. It is better to find a retail space for rent where your business can be unique compared to those in the same area; renting a place in a competitive area can cost you a lot of profit.


Finding a Commercial Space for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Al Dar is the developer of many malls featuring the ideal commercial shops for rent in Abu Dhabi including:


Al Jimi Mall, Al Ain

Al Jimi Mall is the leading shopping and entertainment destination located in the heart of Garden City. The mall boasts about 200 outlets.


Yas Mall

Yas Mall features the perfect combination between shopping, dining, and entertainment. The mall stands out among others in Abu Dhabi, spreading over 224,416 SQM and hosting 370 outlets and more than 90 restaurants.


Saadiyat Grove

Saadiyat Grove is one of our most comprehensive developments, offering individuals a new way of living, shopping, and entertainment. Upon its launch in 2023, Saadiyat Grove will be home to more than 70 beauty and fashion stores, food and drink outlets, a 50,000 SQM gym, and a 3,000 SQM working space.

As for open space shopping centers, Al Dar has a variety of options including:


Souq Al Mina

Reflecting Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage with a modern touch in the best way possible, Souq Al Mina promises visitors some unique experiences. This retail community provides about 107 outlets.


Mamsha Al Saadiyat

No one can embody the beauty of Abu Dhabi’s waterfront lifestyle more than Al Dar. Mamsha Al Saadiyat is our distinctive beachfront retail cluster located at the Saadiyat Cultural District. It boasts a 1.4 km mesmerizing white sand beach and over 33 outlets.


Gardens Plaza

Combining authentic Arabian themes with some modernity, Garden Plaza is one of Al Dar’s exquisite retail destinations in Abu Dhabi, featuring about 16 outlets.