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Aldar's Chairman and Leadership Team

Aldar Group Operating Model 

Aldar group operating model will drive the next phase of growth, which will focus on enhancing the customer experience, digital transformation, operational efficiency, and sustainability. The operating model promotes agility and accountability throughout the organisation, with two core businesses – Aldar Investment and Aldar Development – led by their own Chief Executive Officers, Jassem Busaibe as CEO of Aldar Investment and Jonathan Emery as CEO of Aldar Development, both reporting to the Group CEO.

Established as independent arms, Aldar Development and Aldar Investment have their own decentralised governance models and support functions, while remaining aligned with Aldar’s overall business strategy. This allows them to pursue the right opportunities, with a focus on expanding their specialised portfolios. Overseeing the two entities, Aldar will focus on the overarching brand, strategy, capital allocation, governance, as well as the people, legal, audit and excellence functions.