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In Focus
A series of insightful conversations on how Aldar is accelerating into the future

Latest Episode

Episode 02 2mins
Sahar Cooper | Education   
Our CEO of Aldar Education talks passionately about inspiring the next generation.
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Klaus Assman | Hospitality
Our CEO of Aldar Hospitality uncovers how we create memorable moments for customers
Jonathan Emery | Development
Our CEO of Aldar Development discusses his desire to build the most well-designed communities
Bayan Al Hosani | People
We share insights into how we attract, retain, and develop the best minds in the industry
Jahed Rahman | Investment
Our Chief Investment Officer openly shares a few of the exciting ventures planned for Aldar
Nada Mustapha | Corporate Social Responsibility
Learn how we weave CSR into the very fabric of Aldar
Saoud Khoury | Retail
We discuss how Aldar is transforming retail challenges into new opportunities and experiences
Salma Kayali | Innovation
Find out how Aldar innovates to drive change and create unique products for customers
Salwa Al Muflahi & Mohammed Jebreel | Sustainability
Listen to how Aldar is driving the sustainability agenda to create a positive impact