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Welcome to Aldar Properties PJSC investor relations hub where you can find out more about our financial results, shareholder and bondholder information, corporate strategy and strategic partnerships.

Aldar 2020 Annual Report

Aldar Properties PJSC is the leading real estate developer, manager and owner in Abu Dhabi and, through its iconic developments, it is one of the most reputable in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region.

Latest Key
Financial Highlights

Financial highlights - revenue

8.4 BN


Financial highlights - gross profit

3 BN

Gross Profit

Financial highlights - net profit

1.9 BN

Net Profit

Financial highlights - net operating income

1.6 BN

Net Operating Income

Financial highlights - development sales

3.6 BN

Development Sales

Financial highlights - total assets

39 BN

Total Assets

Q1 2021 press release

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Q1 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

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Q1 2021 results presentation

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Q1 2021 financial statements

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Aldar 2020
Full Year Results

Talal- Profile Picture

Talal Al Dhiyebi Talal

Chief Executive Officer

"Aldar is the UAE’s largest real estate development and asset management company by market value and the market leader in Abu Dhabi. Over the years we have created a unique business model comprising two core businesses: a large and diverse, actively managed income-generating investment portfolio and a development business of premier destinations and manager of major projects. The combination of these two businesses has delivered strong cash flows, revenue visibility as well as meaningful profit growth through market cycles. Aldar’s strategy for value creation focuses on three pillars: customer centricity, operational excellence, and expansion underpinned by innovation, sustainability and a diverse and skilled workforce. Further, we emphasise robust governance as a key driver for success, ensuring that structures and decision-making processes are both transparent and comply with best practices."

Greg - Profile Picture

Greg Fewer

Chief Financial & Sustainability Officer

“Our business operates with prudent capital management, robust financial controls and well-defined debt policies for both our asset management and development management businesses. Aldar’s dividend policy is clearly set out and is based on the underlying cash generation of these two core businesses thereby providing a high degree of visibility with respect to shareholder returns. Importantly, we have outlined a clear sustainability strategy that embeds sustainability goals and targets across our businesses. We believe firmly that progressing our sustainability agenda is key to ensuring positive growth and impact over the long term.”

Jassem-Profile Picture

Jassem Saleh Busaibe

Chief Investment Officer

“Aldar Investments, which represents the mainstay of our recurring income business, has significantly expanded in recent years and we continue to explore further avenues to grow and diversify our total assets under management. Aldar’s portfolio of mature, income-generating assets has been a key driver in the delivery of consistent and strong dividends to our shareholders. Aldar Investments was created as a standalone entity in 2018 and since remains the most efficient platform for real estate ownership in the region with a credit rating of Baa1 from Moody’s – the highest for any non-GRE (government-related entity) in the region.”

CDO- Profile Picture

Jonathan Emery

Chief Development Officer

“Aldar’s development business makes up half of the group’s total revenue . The majority of the revenues come from off plan sales of land and homes developed within finely crafted master planned communities fees for development management services make up the balance providing a compelling diverse and resilient income profile. Our large and strategic land bank situated in prime locations across Abu Dhabi together with our strong partnership approach provides the opportunity for continued growth and expansion both by sector and geographically.”

Sustainability Framework

Sustainability Framework

Our approach to sustainability management is well aligned to our mission, vision and complements Aldar’s corporate strategy. Whilst the framework continues to be structured around four sustainability pillars (Economy, Community, People and Environment) as the core components that define our sustainability strategy, it is also mapped against the most relevant National Strategies and Plans and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

By strategically addressing 23 material issues that stakeholders care about and expect us to deliver on, the framework directly supports Aldar’s corporate strategy. Behind our sustainability framework is a clear structure of accountability. Sustainability governance at Aldar has been brought under the oversight of our Chief Financial and Sustainability Officer (CFSO), and we also established a Sustainability Council.

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Sustainability Framework

Aldar 2019
Sustainability Report

This report covers detailed facts and disclosures about our relevant sustainability statistics and policies covering the period from January to December 2019. This report demonstrates our ambition towards sustainability through our efforts and achievements.

File Size 7.5MB Download Sustainability Report
  • What is the general business of Aldar Properties?
    Aldar Properties PJSC is the leading real estate developer, manager and owner in Abu Dhabi and, through its iconic developments, it is one of the most well known in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region. Aldar Investment Properties is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aldar properties PJSC with assets worth more than 20 billion dirhams.
  • When was Aldar Properties established?
    Aldar Properties PJSC was first listed in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2005
  • What is Aldar’s credit rating?
    Aldar Investment Properties has a Credit rating from Moody’s Baa1 Stable, which is one notch higher than Aldar Properties PJSC rating of Baa2 Stable
  • Where can I find the latest financial results?
    Please visit latest results page for further information 
  • Where can I see the historical financial data?
    Please visit financial results page for further information
  • Where can I find the latest copy of the Annual Report?
    Please visit annual report page for further information
  • On what exchange is Aldar Properties listed?
    Aldar Properties PJSC was first listed in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2005

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